400 Words

Keanon Williams

400 Word Narrative

I have many fun memories that I have gained over my eighth grade year. Like playing basketball, being with friends, playing volleyball and a lot more.

       Playing basketball was a lot of fun for me this year. This year our team was good and only lost three times, they were all games we should’ve won. At the end of the season we had a tournament in Watsonville at Notre Dame. It was a three day tournament, the first two days we won both our games easily. Then on the third and last day of the tournament, we were in the championship game. The game was tense, we played hard but came up three points short of a win. After the season ended, there was an all star game for some players from each team. Me and two other players from my team were picked to be on it. We played along with other players in our league against players from the middle school league from Monterey. The game was at Scotts Valley high school and was broadcasted on a local TV station. So we got to watch ourselves play on TV the following night.

       This year I also decided to play volleyball just for fun and to try something new. It was amusing to see me and other guys in my class play a sport none of us had played before. To my surprise, we were really good we only lost one game during the whole season. At first I had no idea what I was doing, but after a while I started to get the hang of it and feel the flow of the sport.

This year I had a lot of fun with my class mates. Even though I have known most of them since preschool, I still learned new things about them. During the year, when I would be with my class mates, I would stop and think that almost everyday of my life so far, I’ve seen all of them and spent the day at school with them. And now after we all graduate, I’ll be seeing new and different faces everyday and be meeting new people in a whole new environment.

I think making that transition of schools will be a strange, but also exciting experience that I want and cant wait to go through. It’ll be tough to say goodbye to the family of friends that have grown up and matured with, but at some point it was bound to happen. But I hope we will all stay in touch somehow.


Sports and School Transfers

The rule today is that if you transfer to a different high school, you cannot play sports the year you come into the new school. My opinion on this is that its pointless. I can only see very few exceptions, like if the student is failing academically or if the head coach recruited him or her, which is against high school sports rules to do. But other than those, there’s no reason a transferred student shouldn’t play.